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Alexander Goloviznin Director, Logistics and Analytical Research

Completion of Berths Nos. 3, 4 Construction in Ust-Luga Sea Commercial Port

At he end of December 2007 the berths Nos. 3, 4 of Container Terminal in the Ust-Luga Sea Commercial Port were officially opened with Ribbon-Cutting.

Berths Nos. 3 and 4 construction has completed the first and most important stage of Ust-Luga SCP Container Terminal construction. During the following several years another four berths from No. 5 to No. 8 will be constructed and a container storage area will be created. Dredging of water area for constructed berths is planned already in 2008.

Constructed berths Nos. 3, 4 basic features:

- Berthage length - 440m;

- Berth depth minus 13.5 m;

- Crane runway width - 30.0 m;

"Baltic Container Terminal" Co. JSC acted as a building Owner.

"Sochimorstroy" Co. Ltd. performed the construction.

The Berthage General Designer was "Morstroytechnology" Co. Ltd. Construction Design Supervision was carried out by the General Designer.

The berths were constructed in the shortest terms (8 months). It's worth to mention the good quality of construction work with timely financing of design and construction work according to schedule.

Chief Project Engineer - A.V. Egorov