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Alexander Goloviznin Director, Logistics and Analytical Research

Report on Possibilities and Potential for Development of Container Traffic in the Port of Murmansk

S.A. Semenov, the Corporate Development Director, presented a paper on possibilities and potential for development of container traffic in the Port of Murmansk on the Roundtable Meeting of the International Arctic Conference. The paper was prepared by the "Murmansk Sea Commercial Port" Co. JSC, St. Petersburg State Polytechnical Universityand engineering company "Morstroytechnology".

The conference was held in St. Petersburg as a part of 9th International Shipping, Shipbuilding, Ports & Offshore Energy Exhibition "Neva-2007" on September 24, the day of its official opening. The Exhibition was organized by the Euro-Asian Transport Union with the assistance of the Federation Council Commission on National Maritime Policy, Federal Council Commission on the North and National Minorities, RF "Rosgidromet", Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute.

The topics of the Roundtable "Transport Routes in Russian Arctic" were concentrated first of all on development of practical recommendations aimed on revival and ensuring of navigation on the Northern Sea Route (NSR). On the Roundtable session such problems as perspectives for development of shipping on the NSR, port infrastructure development, use of modern information technologies to ensure navigation in the Arctic regions.

In the light of these topics the problems of Murmansk transport hub development and strategic perspective for container traffic on NSR become especially relevant as the report stated. Container terminal construction is crucially important for the development of the Northern regions, as well as of Murmansk and Murmansk Oblast in particular. This may result not only in additional budget income, creation of more than 1000 workplaces on the terminal itself, but it may be first of all an impulse for the region development.

The container terminal stimulates the development of industries and processing infrastructure so insufficient  in the Northern regions. The terminal significantly increases the region's transport accessibility and creates a transportation basis for realization of project supplies related to the construction of big Northern projects, such as Shtokman Field, Prirazlomnoe Field, Yamal Peninsula.

The report characterized the major directions of the Northern regions transport development and the problems to be solved for their successful development. A special emphasis was given  to container market development trends and possible alternatives of the Murmansk Port location.

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