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Alexander Goloviznin Director, Logistics and Analytical Research

The FGUP “Rosmorport” Central Staff have Decided to Purchase Construction Design Work for Ecologic Bunkering Complex in the Area of the Berth No. 20 of the Murmansk Commercial Port from the Single Source – “Morstroytechnology” Co. Ltd.

Under the terms of the Contract the elaboration of documentation on the "project" stage and a new construction of ecological bunkering complex with partly reconstruction of the existing facilities are provided for .

The purpose of the ecological bunkering complex is: reception, purification and utilization of bilge waters and other oily waters and ship waste products, bunkering of transport means. The main technical and economical indicators of the facility are based on the Declaration of Intent to invest previously prepared by our Company on the FGUP "Rosmorport" order.