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Alexander Goloviznin Director, Logistics and Analytical Research

Completion of Works for St. Petersburg Administration Committee for Transport and Transit Policy under the Government Contract “Elaboration and Justification of Target-Oriented Development Trends of the Big Port of St. Petersburg Ensuring Efficient Econom

The work solves the problem of development trends selection able to have a maximum  effect  impact, in conditions of limited resources (territory, workforce, etc.). The research was a basic and systematizing document for the future pre-design and design studies of port construction in St. Petersburg.

Within the framework of this study an evaluation procedure of multiplicative effect of port activity by different cargoes was developed using foreign experience but taking into account the Russian specifics.  Its use allows not only to assess the commercial or budget effectiveness of handling terminals, but to give full assessment of their influence on the city economy development as a whole. More about the Project.