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Alexander Goloviznin Director, Logistics and Analytical Research

New Article in Section “Publications”– “Scenarios of Big Port of St. Petersburg Territorial Development”.

In Section "Publications" a new article "Scenarios of Big Port of St. Petersburg Territorial Development" is placed. It continues the publication series devoted to the research "Elaboration and Justification of Target-Oriented Development Trends of the Big Port of St. Petersburg..."

One of the research goals was forecasting of cargo handling base development trend for the Port of St. Petersburg. A two-step approach was selected to solve this problem when the potential cargo flow to St. Petersburg was forecasted first and then it was adjusted according to space limitations, transport and logistic complex development scenarios and other factors.

The article contains the main extracts of this forecast including 4 scenarios of cargo turnover and its distribution in port areas.

The article was published in the information transport magazine "Terminal" No. 6 (66) 2007.